Complete Guide to Full Color Printed Pins

Complete Guide to Full Color Printed Pins

Opt for the versatility of full-color printed pins, also known as photo dome pins. Crafted from stainless steel metal, these pins are meticulously shaped to your desired design, and your image is digitally imprinted onto the metal surface. To ensure durability, a protective clear coat of epoxy is applied, preserving the vibrant colors and details.

It's important to note that full-color stainless steel pins have certain considerations to keep in mind. They are not as thick as soft or hard enamel pins, providing a sleek and lightweight option. Additionally, the pin clasp or backer, which is soldered to the pin, may be comparatively less sturdy than those found on soft or hard enamel pins.

Discover the captivating world of full-color printed pins and their remarkable visual impact. 


Full Color Printed Pins:

Full color gradient pin

Full Color Printed Pins



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